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U.S. Interactive Map
U.S. Interactive Map  U.S. Interactive Map

Features of our online Flash map

We provide online Flash maps. Here are some examples using our online US Flash map:

  • CA - An HTML page is loaded from an external XML file. We can add XML attributes to perform different functions on your map.

  • NY - An internal information box is shown. Text, images and even multimedia content can be shown within the information box.

  • TX - Redirects to Yahoo! Travel for Texas. This is one of our most-requested features and it is possible to open any links.

  • WA - Load a detailed county map of the Washington state. We have a range of county maps for each US state. You can request adding a zoom level if you want to display the details.

  • NC - Load a detailed county map of North Carolina with a different background image. Background images of our maps are replaceable.



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