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Application of Interactive United States Flash Map
Application of Interactive United States Flash Map  Application of Interactive United States Flash Map

Flash Map Features:

  • XML based United States map
  • Showing the company logo and the legend on the bottom of the map
  • Plotting branch locations by x, y coordinates
  • Set color of each location
  • Infobox for every location

Flash Map Description:

Maps becomes a standard feature for companies, which spans across states or nations, to show their branches, offices or stores. In the past, one may post a static map on the website to show locations and directions. Static map is limited in providing more details for each location, or the information would be presented in the running text. Dynamic maps would allow the integration of locations and their information, and to quickly locate branches and sort out the stores clients want to go to.

These dynamic maps can be personalized to include company logo, and eye-catching rollover effects for each pinpoints. Having more than one set of locations? We can use different pins to denote different things. Information box is available by having mouse activities over a pin. You can add information to show branch office hours, services provided, and even latest news regarding that particular store.


All these features can be modify by your own, without the need of Adobe Flash software. The map bases upon an XML configuration file which allows you to plot locations using x/y coordinates with respective to the map, and to set information shown for each information box. You can also set the colors and links for each box.


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