Interactive Map Sample > Direction Map to Irish Hotel with Print Function

Interactive Ireland Airport to Hotel Route Map
Interactive Ireland Airport to Hotel Route Map  Interactive Ireland Airport to Hotel Route Map

Flash Map Features:

  • Click an airport for directions to hotel
  • Route map and detailed list shown in the information box
  • Support map printing

Finding directions to a place is often difficult if you are not familiar with the place you go. Paper maps are clusmsy and difficult to read, and directions in text are not easy to follow. It's often a good idea to create an interactive map to show routes which leads to your office, schools or activity venues.

The map sample here shows a hotel in Ireland. This hotel is located to the remote side of the country, so you would need to take transport or drive to the hotel. A list of major airports are shown on the map. By clicking at your starting point, a recommended transport route would be shown and lead you directly to the hotel. This is far easier to be perceived rather than reading turn-by-turn driving notes on websites.

This map includes print function, which allows the routes to be printed out as references. It would be the best of both worlds - without the hassle to bring a heavy map, and yet allows you to plan for the direction you want to go. This map is suitable for tourism businesses as well as activity planners.



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