Interactive Map Sample > Interactive China Map with Provincial Regions

Interactive China Map with Provincial Regions
Interactive China Map with Provincial Regions  Interactive China Map with Provincial Regions

China has become an emerging economic after the US and Japan. Its fast economic growth have attracted more and more foreign investments. Many big companies and firms have chosen China as their new strategic growing point and setup their Asian headquarters in China. Some of them have invested further into the China to cope with the increasing internal demand.

In order to show the presence of the company in China, it is common to use a map to denote branches. The map sample here is a showcase of a business located in all parts of China, and it has the following charactertics:

  • Using our China map template
  • Introduction of the map includes a rotating globe and shows China on the global map
  • China is divided into several regions, based upon the official
  • Mouseover effect to show the regions, and the region includes
  • Click on the location to open an infobox for their branches




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