Interactive Map Sample > Dominica Tourism Flash Map with Globe Intro and Clickable Parishes

Application of Interactive Dominica Flash Map
Application of Interactive Dominica Flash Map Application of Interactive Dominica Flash Map

Flash Map Features:

  • Global Map Intro
  • XML based Dominica flash map
  • Set colors and text of each parish
  • Clickable parishes to open infobox

Flash Map Description:

Dominica is in the midway of the eastern Caribbean islands, where Caribbean is one of the favorite tourist spots. Its diversity of landscapes and historical links with Europe and North America attract tourists from all over the world. Tourism industry is the leading economic engine of the area.



Now finding latest tourist information is easier with the use of interactive maps. In this Dominica map, users can click on each of the parishes to show its sightseeing points and practical information. Things that are worth to mention for each spots, like background or historical information, can be written in the information box, so as to provide a more comprehensive way that benefit tourists. Traditional maps only show the locations and their names, and the introduction of the locations are separated from the map. Interactive maps provide an integrated approach for both geographical and practical information at your fingertips, so it becomes more and more popular nowadays.

The map information can be updated using the bundled XML file, so that up-to-date information can be changed and provided to tourists. The XML file is a text file, which can be opened using any text editor. The colors of the parishes in this Dominica map can also be changed using the file. Therefore, it saves time and money from using expensive software to create an attractive map, and it does not need any advanced skills for any future update.

The intro of this map from the globe to the Caribbean. These eye candies create a kind of "boom" to your targetted audiences and attract them to dive into the map for more details. We provide services to create private-labelled Flash maps to fit your own needs. Contact us for your own map.



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