Interactive Map Sample > Interactive California Flash Map with Satellite Image and Hotspots

Interactive California Flash Map with Satellite Image and Hotspots

Flash Map Features:

  • California map with satellite image overlay
  • Zooming in/out feature
  • Hovering and glowing effect for each hotspots
  • Using checkboxes to sort activities
  • Pinpointing placemarks by x y coordinates
  • XML based California flash map

Activity organizers join forces with interactive maps. Displaying activity venues and facilities is intuitive then ever. The California map shown here effectively displays the locations for different activities. Each placemark has glowing effect, which serves as hotspots, and these effects are possible to have colors to make things easily distinguishable. We have a wide ranges of these hovering effects available.

Eye candies and decorations would make your map more attractive, and to stay close to the theme of your activities, or the design of the web page. In this map, we have deployed a Californian satellite map, and a greenish tone to fit the nature of the activities shown.

Filters are useful to allow the show of different locations, or datasets, in case a vast amount of information is going to display on the map. The map here has checkboxes to display certain kinds of activity venues. Besides checkboxes, other form controls like drop down menu or lists would also be possible.

This map also features zooming so that locations which are close to each other could be shown clearly. It is XML-based, and allows you to pinpoint the placemarks in terms of x/y coordinates with respective to the map itself.



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