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100+ map templates of countries or create floor plan, diagram, flow chart from your image

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Cloud-based. Map Hosting Included

No coding, supports crowdsourced map, import data from Excel. Make your own map online.

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New! HTML5 Map Maker

Mobile Friendly Maps

Cross platform map solution, for making maps viewable in smartphones and tablets

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Geographic Flash Maps for Developers / Combo Maps (Multi-level Maps) / Map Solutions

Customize Interactive Maps

Real-Estate, Dealer Maps, Branch Offices Locators

Need a customized interactive map?

Link flash map to Php & Mysql
Clickable flash map for any region
Change map setting using XML
Zoom in to different map levels
Real estate map, branch offices and shop locator map, campus map, floor plans and county map, network map, tourism maps, etc
New: Create Online map maker or HTML5 map for cross-platform compatibility.
California, Texas, Washington, New York, Hawaii, Michigan, West Virginia,, etc...

Royalty-free Interactive Flash Map Templates

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NEW!Interactive Adobe Flash CS3 Maps (ActionScript 3.0 standard, FLA source included)

World Map 1 (CS3)
Flash World Map 1 (CS3)
$59.00 View | Buy
World Map 2 (CS3)
Flash World Map 2 (CS3)
$69.00 View | Buy
United States Map (CS3)
Flash United States Map (CS3)
$79.00 View | Buy
Europe Map 2 (CS3)
Flash Europe Map 2 (CS3)
$89.00 View | Buy

Popular Interactive Flash Maps ( develop with ActionScript 2.0):

World Map (all countries)
Flash World Map (all countries)
$229.00 View | Buy
World Map (7 continents)
Flash World Map (7 continents)
$49.00 View | Buy
United States Map
Flash United States Map
$69.00 View | Buy
US 5 Regions Map 2 (XML)
Flash US 5 Regions Map 2 (XML)
$69.00 View | Buy
Create your own Interactive Map without any coding: Flash Maps on this website are for editing using Adobe Flash. Editable map templates with full source code file in .FLA format are available for download upon purchase. For making your own maps easily without Actionscript, please Download iMapBuilder - an all-in-1 map making software

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New! Online Mapping Tool, create your own interactive map, Google Map & embed map to website

  Available Interactive Flash Maps (CS3):   
World Map 1 (CS3)
flash world map
$59.00 [View] | [Buy]
World Map 2 (CS3)
clickable world map
$69.00 [View] | [Buy]
United States Map (CS3)
clickable United States Map
$79.00 [View] | [Buy]
Europe Map 2 (CS3)
clickable united states map
$89.00 [View] | [Buy]
Europe Map (CS3)
Flash Europe Map
$89.00 [View] | [Buy]
United States Map 2 (CS3)
Flash United States Map
$79.00 [View] | [Buy]
  Available Interactive Flash Maps (ActionScript 2.0):   
U.S.A. (with CA and MX)
Flash U.S.A. (with CA and MX)
$69.00 [View] | [Buy]
U.S.A (with MX)
Flash U.S.A (with MX)
$69.00 [View] | [Buy]
Canada Map
Flash Canada Map
$49.00 [View] | [Buy]
Europe Map
Flash Europe Map
$79.00 [View] | [Buy]
World Continent (XML)
Flash World Continent (XML)
$49.00 [View] | [Buy]
World Map (Dotted)
Flash World Map (Dotted)
$79.00 [View] | [Buy]
United Kingdom Map
Flash United Kingdom Map
$69.00 [View] | [Buy]
UK Regions & Counties
Flash UK Regions & Counties
$168.00 [View] | [Buy]
France Map
Flash France Map
$69.00 [View] | [Buy]
Germany Map
Flash Germany Map
$69.00 [View] | [Buy]
United States with PR Map
Flash United States with PR Map
$89.00 [View] | [Buy]
Oceania Map
Flash Oceania Map
$49.00 [View] | [Buy]
Caribbean Islands Map
Flash Caribbean Islands Map
$115.00 [View] | [Buy]
Asia Map
Flash Asia Map
$69.00 [View] | [Buy]
France Departments Map
Flash France Departments Map
$280.00 [View] | [Buy]
Germany Postcode Map
Flash Germany Postcode Map
$280.00 [View] | [Buy]

All-in-1 Combo Flash World Map Packages

Including ALL country-level flash maps on site, PLUS zoom in to detail state / providence flash map


[View]  Detail US & CA
save 54%

FLA based map | XML based map

clickable flash maps
world map zoom ALL country-level flash maps on site, with three-level zoom in:
Continent > Country > State
Plus state flash maps for U.S., Canada, Caribbean Islands flash map

Price : $401.00
Price : $185.00 (54% Off)
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[View]  Detail EU Counties
save 60%

FLA based map | XML based map

zoomable map ALL country-level flash maps on site, with three-level zoom in:
Continent > Country > State
zoomable map Plus state maps for United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Ireland
Price : $720.00
Price : $285.00 (60% Off)
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[View]  All Maps
save 68%

FLA based map | XML based map

europe map zoom ALL country-level flash maps on site, with three-level zoom in:
Continent > Country > State
Plus state maps for countries in North America, Caribbean Islands, Europe and Oceania
Price : $1210.00
Price : $385.00 (68% Off)
Details | View | Buy Now
All combo flash map include the following country-level flash maps:


SPECIAL: BUY ALL 50 STATE MAPS FOR $395.00 (Total value $3239) i.e. only $9.98 per state View | Buy


Interactive Flash Maps with all U.S. states and counties

U.S. COUNTY maps
(individual states)

50 U.S. states and counties

- with full FLA files for editing using Adobe Flash MX 2004

Buy an US state map with all counties from just $49.00

U.S. map with all states and counties (combo set)

multi level us map

Main U.S. map file + 50 individual state map files

- 51 FLA source files for editing using Adobe Flash 8 or later

U.S. state map showing all counties

all counties of united states

All U.S. counties on U.S. state map
(1 level map showing all US counties)

- Modify Colors, Text and Links etc in the XML file




Use Flash Map For :

Interactive Flash Map Features

  • Best Flash Maps available for different continents, regions and countries for Royalty-Free usage
  • Country names included on each continent flash map
  • Easily add clickable Regions and sound effects to flash map template to make your own map standout
  • Integration with database, XML data for displaying dynamic information on flash map
  • Edit the interactive flash map template instantly upon purchase by using Adobe Flash MX/8/CS.
  • Modify Flash Map Colors, Text, clickable links, Mouse over effects etc
  • Scale the flash map to any size without losing resolution
  • Small file size, most flash map is few hundreds KB only

Flash Map File Format

  • SWF flash map with FLA source including actionscript
  • optional: AI, JPEG for professional graphic designers

Interactive Flash Maps

  • Add clickable hot spot, background images to flash map
  • Create unique flash interactive map for royalty-free usage.

Easy map making software. Create clickable flash world map & interactive map with no coding. interactive map software



creating maps for cross-platform supported
Art Gallery Exhibitions Interactive Map
Map Builder to easily create Interactive Map (HTML5)
iMapBuilder is a mapping series to create interactive maps that support cross-platforms. HTML5 Map Builder supports maps in all browsers and the mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone and Andriod phones. Google Map Editor, a cloud-based mapping software, creates Google Map and easily embed or share the maps online without any programming skill required.

Check out Online Map Making Tutorial or Map News Blog to be more familiar with creating interactive map.


Flash Interactive Map

Flash map for websites, interactive map applications, presentations, and more:

  • FULL .FLA source file, SWF available for Adobe Flash Developers
  • Maximum possibility, all flash map elements are editable using Adobe Flash MX / CS (or above) for royalty-free usage
  • Optional XML/MYSQL database support, for change of interactive map settings or display dynamic data within flash maps
  • .AI, .JPEG format available for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop users
  • Instant download map files after online order placement and confirmation
  • Our clients: Intel, Yahoo!, BP, Digital River, etc.

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